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Wrapping it Up

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Wrapping it Up

If you’re interested in learning more about this exceptionally diverse plant, there’s plenty of claims to read and strains to peruse.

Whether you’re looking for red borneo kratom or yellow kratom though, just remember that not all sites are the same. The research on kratom is still scant, and thus difficult to make strong conclusions one way or the other. What we do know though is that this kratom has been safely used by native people for hundreds of years for a wide variety of ailments. As the natural version of the plant is being introduced around the world, more and more people are finding that they too can benefit from kratom when taken responsibly.

about us

Kratom: The Basics

Kratom refers to a type of tropical tree native to certain regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, and off the coast of Australia. The word kratom may refer to the tree, but if you hear about it in everyday conversation, kratom is more likely to refer to the extracts and preparation of it.

The tree is a part of the evergreen and coffee plant family, and it’s been used as both a stimulant and pain reliever in the regions in which it grows and around the world. In some cultures, it’s used in ceremonial or traditional rites of passage. The active ingredient of kratom is found within its leaves and known as mitragynine. Mitragynine is not an opioid, but it does share certain opioid characteristics, such as pain relief and mood-boosting capabilities. (A dry kratom leaf has about 2% of this compound.) Today, consumers around the world take kratom capsules, kratom powder, and kratom tablets.

The botanical products of kratom have received attention in the past few years due to their perceived benefits. Some people use it to give them energy throughout the day. Some have used it to combat the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Others have even used it in place of opioids as a less dangerous way to relieve pain. Kratom has been the subject of some controversy in the public eye, particularly in certain states. We’ll take you through the types of kratom, the history of the plant, and its future.

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