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Florida Kratom Laws | Is it Legal? | Triumph Botanicals


Kratom Laws in Florida

Natural substances have been a part of society for centuries in various forms. During the journey of discovery and dissemination, the determinations are made as to whether they’re a help or harm. Depending on the natural product, this debate can also be centuries long, and in the instance of kratom, is still being examined.

Known scientifically as mitragyna speciosa, kratom’s origins can be traced to Southeast Asia, most predominately in Thailand. The leaves from the tropical tree are what kratom is composed of, and it has been used as part of traditional medicine in the region as far back as the middle of the 1800’s.
Having gone through a period of acceptance and then legislation in the centuries and decades since, kratom began to become more well known in the United States beginning in 2010.

With this bit of recognition, however, came some intense scrutiny from the federal government, in particular the Drug Enforcement Agency and the National Institutes of Health. The DEA was poised to declare a federal ban on kratom by classification in 2016 but public opposition stopped the move. The opposition came in the form of a demand for more research from advocate groups and medical researchers. It was then left up to local and state governments to determine the best direction they would go in with regards to kratom usage, possession and sales.

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Kratom Availability in Florida

Those living in the state of Florida got to hear about kratom through its expanded availability on the Internet, with online kratom sales becoming common. Kratom drew some Floridians who were seeking relief from chronic pain scenarios that they had been dealing with due to surgical complications or disorders. Others became interested in it due to the possibilities of the natural product being able to help them with an addiction to opioids that had been prescribed to them. This spurred a demand that was soon met with the availability of kratom and related products in gas stations and convenience stores throughout Florida, along with other retail stores with a focus on health supplements.

Around 2014, there was a national scare that revolved around synthetic drugs, and kratom was caught up in the midst of it, depsite its natural origins. In Florida, that concern led to one county taking the initiative to ban synthetic products including kratom (which isn’t synthetic) but was packaged in a similar manner to the other substances. Other counties in Florida have struggled with making a decision as recently as last year, with legislative action lacking the steam to go through the process of becoming a bill.

That hasn’t stopped those who kratom has helped from advocating for regulation along with some medical professionals who have studied previous data reports that explored the benefits of kratom.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida?

At the moment, it is currently not illegal to purchase and possess kratom in Florida. The lone exception is in Sarasota County, which went ahead and included kratom in a ban on the sale of all synthetic products. While the ban concerns the selling of kratom, it is worth noting that if one is caught with kratom in their possession in Sarasota County they would be charged with a fine up to $250.

There aren’t any current plans for state legislators to introduce new bills that would aim to regulate the sale and usage of kratom in Florida.


For more information on kratom laws across the country, check out our Kratom Legality Map.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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