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Green Vein Kratom strains

What is Kratom? – Origin and uses

Kratom is a type of tropical tree native to some parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Australian coast. Kratom usually refers to the extracts and preparations derived from the Kratom tree, although it may also denote the tropical tree itself.

Kratom is a part of the coffee family and belongs to the evergreen forests. It has been used as both, a stimulant as well as a pain reliever all around the world. Kratom is also used in ceremonial or traditional rites of passage. In some cultures, kratom leaves are chewed fresh or dried after removing the fibrous veins. But since the leaves are known to be tough and have a particularly unappetizing taste, they are mostly preferred in a bit more processed method.

Kratom ingredients and properties

Kratom is a plant extract which is increasingly substituting OTC or over-the-counter painkillers that could have long-term implications on a person’s health. Mitragynine is the active ingredient of Kratom found within its leaves. Although Mitragynine is technically not an opioid, it does have some opioid features like pain-relief and mood-boosting characteristics, that it shares with opioids. Around 2% of Mitragynine is present in a dry kratom leaf. Thousands of consumers globally are taking kratom tablets, kratom capsules, and kratom powder for their recuperative effects.

Kratom variants and the importance of Green-Vein Kratom

Scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, Kratom has 3 major variants, viz. the red vein, the white vein, and the green vein. The three colors indicate the shade of the veins and stems of the plant. It is interesting to know that while Kratom leaves themselves are always green, it is the color of the veins and stems that changes as the plant grows. This phenomenon occurs due to a shift in the ratio of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. In the nascent stage, Kratom veins are white, while at around half-life the veins turn green. If the plant continues to grow and reaches the most mature stage, the veins will finally become red. While younger plants (having white veins) are less potent, stimulating, and energizing.

And what about the green vein kratom?

Green vein Kratom is the so called “sweet spot” or the perfect balance of both, red and white vein Kratom. As it is the halfway stage of the plant’s life cycle, it blends the best of both worlds. This impeccable balance is what the Kratom users seek the most. The effects of green vein kratom depends on a range of factors such as:

  • The type of strain
  • Body weight
  • Dosage
  • Body chemistry and tolerance of the user
  • Time of consumption (empty-stomach or post meals)

Depending on these factors, every user’s experience will be different. Though everyone’s experience will differ, there are certain general effects such as:

  • Mild pain relief
  • Moderate energy boost
  • Increased focus
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Stress relief

Start your journey of self-enhancement today with Kratom and experience the difference.

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