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Kansas Kratom Laws | Is it Legal? | Triumph Botanicals

By Triumph Botanicals   |   November 17, 2019

Kratom Laws In Kansas?

Kansas has had some degree of news coverage regarding kratom, but the headlines have been few and far between. There are some state officials that do have the plant on their radar though, and it’s worth learning more about how their opinions might shape future legislation.

Kansas has struggled with drugs of all kinds, so much so that children as young as 11 in the state are now being tested in school for illicit drug use. It’s safe to say that the paranoia in the state is running high, which could potentially explain why there’s a lot of sensitivity about anything mood-altering right now. 

We’ll give you more information about how Kansas kratom legality works, how it’s classified, what types of regulatory restrictions exist, and who’s advocating either for or against it. Once you understand the reasoning behind Kansas kratom laws, you’ll have a better idea of what might be coming down the pipeline in the future.

Classification of Kratom in Kansas

Kratom is not currently classified in the state of Kansas, meaning there are no formal laws that ban its use for either buyers or merchants. While there was some formal discussion of adding kratom to the formal Schedule 1 class in the state over the last few years, this has never actually come to pass. 

In addition to kratom being unclassified, it’s also unregulated. This means that manufacturers could technically be selling an inferior product and customers would have no way of knowing until it was too late. In the worst case scenario, manufacturers may be selling an unsafe product by mixing kratom with potentially dangerous additions. 

Current Kansas Kratom Legislation

There is no legislation in Kansas that addresses kratom. However, the topic was originally broached in 2018 when kratom originally appeared on Senate Bill 282. This bill, which essentially aimed to add more synthetic opioids to the list of Schedule 1 Controlled substances, originally began in the Public Health and Welfare Committee of the state senate. It had the support of Johnson County Sheriff, the KBI and the State Board of Pharmacy. The specifics of the bill appeared to be a joint effort between that of the KBI and the State Board.

The Department of Corrections stated that SB282 would lead to additional prison and court time as well as more lab testing. It also advocated for higher criminal fines. This bill was passed by then Governor Coyler, but it had kratom taken off the list. It is unclear exactly why the Health and Human Services Committee removed kratom, but it was likely due to advocacy efforts in the state.

In Kansas, there are no cities or counties that have banned kratom. However, it’s worth noting that the plant is on the radar of the Sheriff of Johnson County. In other words, it’s possible that people caught with kratom there may be subject to additional questioning or investigation before a final verdict is decided. It’s likely that if there is any abuse or foul-play with kratom, it will be judged on an individual basis.

Buying and Shipping Kratom in Kansas

If you’re looking for kratom powder, Kansas, doesn't pose many problems. While certain counties may look down on the plant, they are not allowed to hassle you because you’re not doing anything wrong. Kratom laws in Kansas also ensure that you can ship kratom to your home, especially considering that kratom is legal at the federal level.

Kratom Advocacy News in Kansas

Kansas kratom laws have received attention from several advocacy groups, including the American Kratom Association (AKA) and Chapman Action Network. Both groups provide updates both for the state and the nation. They call upon citizens to contact their lawmakers to either fight against misguided legislation or to thank lawmakers for keeping kratom off the Schedule 1 lists. 

Advocacy groups support the safe distribution and reasonable kratom laws in Kansas. They encourage consumers to research the products they buy before purchasing, either online or in-person. They stand with lawmakers on the importance of regulation and advocate for restrictions on the plant that will help keep both merchants and buyers safe.

Because kratom has been used for centuries in the countries in which its grown and because pure kratom is not linked with adverse health effects, advocacy groups will continue to rail against Kansas kratom laws that provoke fear of the unknown rather than a celebration of kratom’s potential.

For more information on kratom laws across the country, check out our Kratom Legality Map


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