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Kratom Combined with Delta 8: Everything You Need to Know

By Triumph Botanicals   |   November 23, 2021

The Complete Guide for Combining Kratom and Delta 8

Kratom and Delta 8 THC products have exploded in popularity in recent years, with many claiming that they offer a diverse array of benefits, from pain relief to mood-boosting to mind expansion and more. But what if you were to combine the two?


This guide explores these two natural psychoactive substances and their relationship with one another. It answers several questions from “what is kratom?” and “what is Delta 8?” to “can kratom and Delta 8 be taken together?” and much more. 

It’s always best to do as much research as possible before putting anything psychoactive in your body, so make sure to read through this article so that you are as safe and informed as you can be should you choose to explore kratom, Delta 8, or both.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, or maeng da kratom, is the extract from the leaves of the tropical kratom tree that can be found in parts of Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. It’s a psychoactive substance that has been in use for at least 150 years.  The earliest kratom users enjoyed its effects by chewing its leaves or brewing them into tea, but today most kratom products come in pill or powder form.

What Are the Different Kinds of Kratom

There are actually several different strains of maeng da kratom. The most popular among them are listed below.

Red Vein

Red vein kratom is the most widely available strain. It is purported to provide a euphoric calming feeling, muscle relaxation, and pain relief.

White Vein

While red vein kratom is said to offer calm and relaxation, white vein kratom provides a stimulating and mood-enhancing effect. Some have used it as an alternative to caffeine.

Green Vein

If you haven’t noticed, the different kratom strains are somewhat akin to the various strains of cannabis. One relaxes while one stimulates, and then there is a third, which is somewhere in the middle. 

Green vein kratom is purported to be something of a hybrid between the red and white vein strains, offering relaxation and calm while also giving a mental boost.

How Does it Work?

Kratom works similarly to how opioids and stimulants do. There are compounds in kratom that interact with your brain’s opioid receptors, which is why some have turned to it as a natural alternative to prescription painkillers. 

Mitragynine, one of those same compounds, also interacts with other receptors. For more information, check out this guide: How Kratom Works. Is it Legal?

Kratom is legal in most states, but a handful have pending legislation looking to ban it, and there are others in which it is already banned. The following are the states in which kratom is outright illegal:

  • Vermont • Rhode Island • Alabama • Arkansas • Wisconsin • Indiana  

Always make sure to stay up-to-date with the legal status of kratom in your state before you decide to order some, as there are states in which the plant’s legal status is subject to change.

What Is Kratom Used For?

There are a wide variety of purported uses for kratom. Some take it recreationally, claiming that they enjoy the relaxation, mood enhancement, and mental stimulation it offers. 

Others state that it helps with pain relief and as a sleep aid. Some have also used kratom as a natural alternative to opioids in order to wean off those withdrawal-causing pharmaceuticals.

Kratom for Opioid Withdrawal

Because mitragynine shares characteristics with opioids and interacts with opioid receptors, some have used it to try and ease the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

When opioids are removed from the system after long-term abuse, the user will become physically ill and experience a high level of mental distress, and kratom is purported to be able to ease those symptoms.

Can Kratom Get Me High?

According to quite a few kratom enthusiasts, yes, kratom can get you high. What that high might feel like depends on the strain of kratom you choose to use. 

Red vein is the indica of kratom, with relaxation being the most commonly reported effect of the strain. White vein is the sativa, with mental stimulation being the most frequently reported effect. Green vein can be considered to be the hybrid, offering a little bit of both effects.


Other commonly reported effects of kratom include mood enhancement, anxiety relief, and pain relief.

Different Forms of Kratom

The original kratom enthusiasts of southeast Asia preferred to pluck the leaves right off the tree and chew them or brew them up into a tea and drink it at the start or the end of their day, depending on the strain. 

But what is kratom’s most common form today? Well, if you went into a store in search of it later this afternoon, you’d most likely find it in the following forms:


Powdered kratom can be mixed into a glass of water, brewed into some tea, or simply taken by the spoonful. It does have a powerful bitter taste to it, though, so you may want to consider another form of the plant if you’re averse to that sort of thing.


You’ll often find kratom collected into small capsules, as well. This form of the plant is useful when you want to ensure that you’re taking the correct dosage.


Tinctures are essentially kratom in liquid form. You can find tinctures containing raw kratom by itself or kratom mixed with other herbs.

What is Delta 8 THC?

If you’re even loosely interested in cannabis, you’ve likely heard of THC, the psychoactive component in the popular plant, also known as the stuff that gets you high. But what is Delta 8 THC? Well, simply put, it’s the cannabinoid cousin of the aforementioned psychoactive stuff in cannabis, which is actually Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 is present in both the cannabis and the hemp plants, and because hemp cultivation is now federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived Delta 8 products have become incredibly popular throughout the United States as a (more) legal alternative to cannabis.

Where Is it Legal to Buy Delta 8?

Yes, Delta 8 is more legal than Delta 9, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally legal everywhere. Certain states were rather quick to draw up legislation regarding the cannabinoid and have now banned it within their borders. 

However, there are still far more states that allow the sale and possession of Delta 8 than there are that allow recreational cannabis. The states in which Delta 8 is legal are:

  • California • Nevada • Wyoming • New Mexico • Nebraska • Kansas • South Dakota • Minnesota • Wisconsin • Missouri • Louisiana • Indiana • Tennessee • Ohio • New Jersey • Connecticut • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • Maine • West Virginia • Virginia • Maryland • Washington D.C. • North Carolina • South Carolina • Georgia • Florida • Hawaii

Remember that the status of any experimental product can change rapidly, so make sure to check specific state rules if you are traveling or changing states. 

Can Delta 8 Get Me High?

Ah, the all-important question. As you may have guessed by the fact that certain states have sought to ban it, yes, Delta 8 can definitely get you high. Its effects are similar to that of Delta 9, only not as strong and without all of the paranoia and anxiety that you can sometimes experience when your bloodstream is rife with cannabis components. 

This dulled anxiety makes Delta 8 a good option for those who haven’t had the best experience with cannabis in the past but are curious to dip their toes back into that world.

  What is Delta 8 like? Well, the high it offers is dependent on the strain, just like cannabis. Sativas stimulate, indicas relax, and hybrids provide a little bit of both. The general feeling of any Delta 8 strain is one of calm, euphoria, and increased or altered awareness.


Delta 8 also purportedly offers many of the same medical benefits as Delta 9 THC. Some users claim to enjoy it for its ability to relieve pain and reduce anxiety and for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Different Forms of Delta 8

Now that Delta 8 has become mostly legal and incredibly popular, new forms of the cannabinoid have been popping up on what seems like a daily basis. 

Just like cannabis, if there’s a way in which Delta 8 can be consumed, it is most likely either currently commercially available or being worked on in some lab full of very high scientists. Some of the most popular forms of Delta 8 include:


Liquid Delta 8 can be applied directly to the tongue, dropped into a beverage, or added to a (preferably absorbent) snack. It saves you the trouble of eyeing out your dosage so you can avoid getting higher than expected.

Smokable Flower

If you’re into both Delta 8 THC and the traditional cannabis experience, you can get them both in one place with smokable Delta 8 flower. It’s essentially smokable hemp infused with Delta 8 extract.


Eating your THC offers an experience that is unique from all other forms of consumption. That experience is made even better when you also get to enjoy tasty gummies while you’re doing it.

Vape Cartridges

Delta 8 vapes offer a super discreet and extra convenient means of consuming the cannabinoid. Sure, it’s perfectly legal in most states, but that doesn’t mean you can just march around toking up if the mood suits you. That’s why it’s great to have a vape pen handy.

What Research Has Been Done on Combining Kratom and Delta 8?

Now we’re getting to the meat of this guide. If you came here with full knowledge of what these products have to offer and simply wanted to know what the deal is with combining them, we hope you scrolled right past the “What is Kratom?” section and landed directly here. 

Otherwise, we’re sorry for taking up your time, but hopefully, you learned a few things along the way.


What is Delta 8’s relationship to maeng da kratom? Unfortunately, there is currently no research regarding the way these two psychoactive substances interact inside the human body. 

However, there is enough available information to suggest that the two taken in combination shouldn’t have any dangerous adverse effects, provided the dosages are moderated.

Can I Use Kratom and Delta 8 Together?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the effects of kratom and Delta 8 simultaneously. You needn’t worry about dangerous side effects or an interaction that would reduce the efficacy of either substance. 

In fact, because there are overlapping characteristics between kratom and Delta 8 THC (mood enhancement, relaxation, euphoria), there is a chance that the combination of the two could potentiate each other’s effects and enhance your experience altogether.

  On the flip side of that, the potential amplification of the effects of Delta 8 and kratom, when taken together, can also become something negative for the user should they take too much of either substance. 

Believe it or not, there is a point where the effects of both kratom and Delta 8 may become too strong and quite unpleasant, and that can be exacerbated by the fact that you have the other substance amplifying those unpleasant feelings.


The simple remedy to this issue is to know the substances you're taking and the way they affect your body. Understand proper dosages so you can be very careful with how much you take and take things slowly so that you have as much control over the situation as possible. 

You may even want to consider speaking to your doctor about taking Delta 8 and kratom together, particularly if you have any medical conditions.


We hope this guide helped you get a better understanding of kratom, Delta 8, and the relationship between the two substances. 

It’s unfortunate that so little research has been done on these two substances, but for now, that’s how it is, so you’re going to need to do your own due diligence to make sure that your experiences with them are as safe and as enjoyable as possible. Be cautious, but have fun!

Looking for Kratom, Delta 8 THC, or Both?

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