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Is Kratom Legal In Wyoming?

Wyoming kratom regulation doesn’t seem to be a hot-button issue in the state as of now. Not only has it largely been ignored by legislators, but it also hasn’t attracted a lot of attention from its everyday citizens either.

Some opponents of kratom claim that Wyoming is getting a lot more attention, but this isn’t really corroborated by the media or individuals in Wyoming. By the looks of it, most people don’t seem to know or even really care about kratom as of yet. It’s good news in terms of Wyoming kratom laws (or lack thereof), but not necessarily if you were looking to purchase the botanical product inside state lines.

If you’re looking for kratom extract, capsules or powder, Wyoming may not be the most prolific state for locating what you need. While there hasn’t been a lot of attention given to it one way or the other, that doesn’t mean we won’t start to see some changes in the future.

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Classification of Kratom in Wyoming 

Kratom is neither classified nor regulated within the state of Wyoming. You are allowed to buy, own, and consume the plant without fear of penalty under the law. Qualified merchants are also allowed to sell the plant so long as they follow all state and local commercial laws.

If law enforcement suspects potential abuse by either consumers or sellers, it’s likely that other laws will be used to sentence people who have put either themselves or others at risk.

Current Wyoming Kratom Legislation

There is no current or pending legislation in Wyoming regarding kratom, nor has there been any proposed or overturned bills regarding kratom in the past. The lack of kratom laws in the state suggest a lack of awareness within the state. In other words, not enough people know about kratom to either advocate for or oppose it.

However, there has been some publicity in the media regarding kratom’s potential to fight the opioid crisis. Some people wholeheartedly believe in kratom’s ability to serve as an effective alternative to other forms of treatment. However, the official studies for this are inconclusive at best. Still, many proponents hope that more attention will be given to kratom as a potential solution.

Buying and Shipping Kratom in Wyoming

Those in Wyoming should be free to buy kratom and have it shipped to their homes, though it should be noted that some states and cities have banned kratom for either some or all residents.

Chances are, you’ll need to order kratom online to if you’re buying it in Wyoming, as there appear to be very few sellers within the state. There have been some anecdotal tales of packages being stopped for further investigation if it has to travel through one of the banned states or cities to reach Wyoming. However, these tales are very few and far between.

Whether you’re having kratom shipped through UPS, the USPS, or FedEx, employees are supposed to follow federal laws when it comes to sorting and distributing packages. However, it’s possible that employees may not realize that kratom is federally legal if it’s banned in their state.

If you’re buying kratom in Wyoming, remember that the regulation of the plant is lax at absolute best. So if a seller wanted to adulterate the plant or sell you a counterfeit product, there is no oversight to stop them.

To ensure that you’re buying something worthwhile, we recommend purchasing from a supplier with an excellent reputation. Luckily, people in the kratom community have been very vocal (and largely truthful) about what works and what doesn’t.

Wyoming Kratom Advocacy 

The American Kratom Association (AKA) appears to be the largest advocacy group in the state of Wyoming. The AKA monitors all legislation around the US and attempts to educate people about the benefits of kratom. This non-profit supports regulation of kratom to ensure that everyone can have a safe and effective experience with the plant but opposes a full ban on the all-natural remedy.

Is kratom illegal in Wyoming? Not as of right now, but if Wyoming lawmakers did want to ban kratom one day, the AKA would do everything in its power to stand up for all the people who have benefitted from using it.

While there have only been so many studies done on kratom, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has acknowledged that kratom is similar to opioids in many ways. They both interact with the same receptors in the brain and both can soothe ailments like pain and anxiety. However, kratom has been used for centuries within the native countries where it grows without the same devastation that the US has seen from opioid abuse.


For more information on kratom laws across the country, check out our Kratom Legality Map.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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