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Washington Kratom Laws | Is it Legal? | Triumph Botanicals

By Triumph Botanicals   |   October 21, 2019

Kratom Laws in Washington State

There are numerous natural products that exist in the world, each having undergone a distinct journey as they become more integrated into society. One of those natural products that is still being examined is kratom. Kratom has gained a wide audience since its discovery in Southeast Asia in the mid-1800’s.

Kratom is derived from the leaves of the plant, and was used historically in an oral fashion, as well as topically for pain relief and also to help with digestive issues. It gained notoriety in the European Union and then the United States around 2010. This became possible with the expansion of the Internet, making online purveyors who had kratom for sale more accessible to customers around the globe.

As it became more prevalent in the United States, kratom became a substance that the Food & Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement
Association scrutinized with an air of deep concern. At one point in 2016, the DEA sought to enact a classification on kratom that would ban its sale and usage in the country. But public outcry and entreaties from Congressional figures made the DEA back away from doing so, leaving the states to determine how kratom affected their population and what the best course of action should be.

Kratom’s Presence In Washington

Washington State, like other states in the union, got wind of kratom through the web and through the peer testimonials of those who had encountered the natural product. Many sought kratom out for its possible properties of pain relief, especially for those who suffered from chronic pain and anxiety as well as a way to limit themselves from taking prescribed opioids to which they had become addicted.

As demand grew, kratom and kratom-related products began to be sold in convenience stores and smoke shops across the state. There weren’t any restrictions or regulations, even as there were warnings from the FDA about kratom and its usage. In 2018, these warnings came up again as areas in the state began to look at cases of interactions of kratom with other substences, and even fatalities that took place from 2016 onward.

One example lay in Skagit County and their tracking of users who wound up in their drug court. Another situation came as retailers were found to have
sold kratom derivatives that were tainted with salmonella in the winter of 2018. Law enforcement officials have gone on record to say their experience with dealing with and detecting kratom use is limited at best, which has compelled them to work with a few medical experts to better educate themselves. 

Kratom Legality In Washington

Presently, kratom is legal to purchase and possess in Washington State. Over the last year, there has been an increase in the level of debates being held about it, with advocates for and against coming forth. Detailed research on a state level is still being conducted in conjunction with the warnings levied by the FDA and the Center For Disease Control.

Washington state legislators do not have any bills or motions to create bills for the regulation of kratom in this current session.


For more information on kratom laws across the country, check out our Kratom Legality Map


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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