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What Are Kratom Shots?

The leaves of the kratom tree have been used for their psychoactive properties for no less than 150 years, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that widespread efforts have been made to create kratom products that were as pure and potent as possible.

Today, you can find the plant in various concentrated forms, from powders and capsules to tinctures and extracts. All of them offer their advantages, but none can quite compare to the convenience, efficacy, and potency of the kratom shot.

But what are kratom shots? You may have heard of these products or even tried them before, but it still may be unclear what distinguishes them from other kratom products in terms of their strength and effectiveness. 

Well, you’re in luck, because with the release of Triumph! Botanicals’ new line of kratom shots, we’ve decided to catch you up to speed about what may be the very best way to consume your kratom.

This guide will give you the answers to questions like “what are kratom shots?” and “what is water-soluble kratom?” and perhaps most importantly, “what is kratom?” 

We’ll also help you distinguish the differences between kratom shots vs. kratom powder, as well as kratom shots vs. kratom capsules. Finally, we’ll give you some details about our new products and fill you in on what makes them the strongest kratom shots on the planet. Enjoy!

What Is Kratom?

You’ve got to learn your basic arithmetic before you can tackle calculus. Likewise, you should probably know your basic kratom facts before you attempt to answer the question, “what are kratom shots?” Well, that’s what we’re here for.

Kratom is actually a tree indigenous to Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. It’s an unassuming evergreen tree otherwise known as Mitragyna Speciosa, which might not be the subject of much conversation if not for the psychotropic leaves it produces. 

Those leaves, which offer both relaxing and stimulating effects depending on their age, have been favored by farmers for at least a century and a half.

Traditionally, kratom leaves were chewed on or brewed into tea, but over the years, creative consumers have sought out more effective ways of enjoying the plant’s euphoric powers. Those efforts have resulted in concentrated powders, kratom capsules, kratom tinctures, and now the kratom shot.

How Does Kratom Make You Feel?

We’ve let you know that kratom is, in fact, psychoactive, meaning it offers a sort of “high,” but what exactly does that mean?

Well, interestingly enough, the effects of the kratom you take can vary a fair amount depending on the type of kratom it is. Kratom leaves can be harvested at different points in their lifecycle, which is marked by the color of the leaf’s veins. Vein colors can be white, green, or red.

White vein leaves are the youngest, and they offer a stimulating effect. Red vein leaves are the oldest, and they provide a relaxing, sedative effect. Green leaves are somewhere in the middle, offering a bit of both. It’s like a psychoactive Goldilocks and the Three Bears sort of thing. 

Some also claim that kratom offers medical and mental health benefits. It has been used for pain and anxiety relief, and it has even been used for help with opioid withdrawals. 

This treatment works because some of the components found in kratom bind with opioid receptors. It’s important to remember, though, that any medical or mental health claims about kratom are at this point strictly anecdotal, and therefore it is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any illnesses.

But Really, What Are Kratom Shots?

Okay, we’ve laid the groundwork here for you to start your journey to becoming a world-class kratom scholar, but we’ve yet to answer the burning question that this entire guide is centered around: what are kratom shots?

Well, there are a few different ways that people like to consume their kratom. Many prefer kratom powder, which can be turned into a forest green brew by stirring it with some water.

However, kratom leaves aren’t exactly a culinary herb, and the powder itself doesn’t really blend with water all that well. Because of this, the brew can be quite bitter and unpleasant for some to drink — which is where kratom shots come in.

By using water-soluble kratom, we can turn the leaf extract into a consistent liquid that can be flavored. It’s then collected into a small bottle, which typically offers one, maybe two, or three servings, kind of like the little 5 Hour Energy drinks you see at the convenience store checkout.

Kratom shots are a highly convenient way to consume your kratom. It makes your dosage as clear as possible and tastes far better than kratom powder. When your producer uses nano kratom powder for their kratom shots as we do at Triumph! Botanicals, you also get a far more potent and effective product.

What Is Water-Soluble Kratom?

You heard us mention something called “water-soluble kratom” in the previous section, but we didn’t give you a clear definition of the term. Let’s do that.

See, typically, kratom will not totally dissolve into water, making the creation of something like a kratom shot rather difficult. We imagine our customers don’t want to drink some chunky, inconsistent sludge when trying to enjoy their kratom, which is why we use something called nano kratom to create our kratom shots.

Nano kratom is kratom powder that has been ground down using special machines so that the particles are incredibly small and far more capable of dissolving in water. 

Not only that, but nano kratom is more easily absorbed into your body, making it more potent and effective. That is how we’ve created the strongest kratom shots in the world.

How Do Kratom Shots Compare to Kratom Powder or Capsules?

Perhaps you’re stuck in your old kratom ways, and you’re having trouble believing that something might be better than your powder or capsules.

Hey, change can be hard, but once you see these comparisons, you may start feeling a little bit more confident that what we claim is true: kratom shots are just as good, if not better, than any other kratom product there is.

Kratom Shots vs. Kratom Powder

Hey, don’t get us wrong: kratom powder is a great way to consume this fantastic plant. 

It’s just that the whole consumption part can be a pretty unpleasant one if you’re the type who’s sensitive to bitter tastes. There’s no way around the strong taste of kratom powder, and while many don’t find it to be a deal-breaker, there are some who do, even despite their enjoyment of the effects that the kratom powder provides.

The biggest difference when it comes to kratom shots vs. kratom powder is that kratom shots go down a whole lot smoother, and they can even taste good. 

Ours come in lime, coffee, and butterscotch flavors, which is a pleasantly far cry from the bitter natural plant taste you get with powder. Not only that, but dosage and storage are far simpler with kratom shots, and you don’t have to make a mess mixing up your brew every time.

Kratom Shots vs. Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules seek to offer the same relief from that bitter plant taste as kratom shots do, and they’re quite successful at it. You simply pop them in your mouth like a supplement and wash them down with water. No bitter taste at all.

So then, what’s the real difference between kratom shots and kratom capsules? Potency. Our kratom shots are the strongest in the world, and they offer a whole new world to explore for experienced kratom enthusiasts. Capsules are great, but they’re not as strong or as effective as our kratom shots.

Triumph! Botanicals Is Kratom Shot Central

If this guide has made you as intrigued by the power of the kratom shot as we were hoping it would, then we’re happy to let you know that Triumph! makes the best tasting and strongest shots known to man. Keep reading for a brief introduction to our new line of super-strong, super-tasty kratom shots.

Kratom Shot—Regular Strength 100 mg Nano Kratom

Our regular strength 100 mg nano kratom shot is the first water-soluble kratom that we’ve released to the masses. It’s a fast-acting dietary supplement containing none other than the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, which is kratom if you haven’t been reading this guide at all. 

It comes in three delightful flavors: lime, butterscotch, and coffee. Expect an uplift in energy and mood and a possible reduction in aches and discomfort.

Prime Nano Kratom—230 mg Nano Kratom

The second strongest kratom shot in the world will take effect after just a few minutes, and it will last for several hours. We recommend starting slow with this one. Begin by drinking half the bottle, allowing the effects to set in, and then proceeding from there.

K300 Kratom Shot—300 mg Nano Kratom

The K300 is the world’s strongest and best-tasting kratom shot. So strong, in fact, that we recommend you proceed with caution when consuming this product. It’s not intended for single-use, and it is absolutely not for beginners. Start low and go slow, as the old adage goes.

Interested in Kratom Shots?

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